Property Management

Property Management

At ACHS Management Group, we would be honored to serve as your property manager. It allows owners to take a step back from operations, managing expenses, and staffing challenges while still owning your own business and increasing profits.

Property management for assisted living facilities (ALFs) is multi-faceted. Tasks such as managing staff, resident relations, budgeting, financial management, marketing, and property maintenance only skims the surface of our responsibilities.

ACHS Management Group pays attention to detail, delivers strong communication, exhibits excellent interpersonal skills, demonstrates organizational skills, as well as the keen ability to think strategically and problem-solve on any given day.


Assisted Living Facility Accounting Services

We manage all aspects of your accounting and financial matters by implementing best practices using our knowledge, experience, structure, and tools. This is a key part of what we do for you.

In the assisted living industry, accounts receivable refers to the money that is owed to the facility by residents or their payers (e.g., Medicaid, private insurance, or private pay). This can include payment for room and board, as well as any additional services or care provided such as medication management or transportation.

Managing accounts receivable is an essential part of running a successful assisted living facility, as it helps ensure that the facility has the financial resources needed to provide high-quality care to its residents, meet its expenses, and operate at the most efficient level.

Additionally, we oversee all of your facility finances including but not limited to handling payroll and managing the budget, expenses, & revenues.

HR & Staffing

Staffing challenges remain at the top of the list of issues for assisted living facility owners. Managing and recruiting staff can be an ongoing challenge.

At ACHS Management Group, we have a proven formula to attract and retain the best employees for your business. ACHS has a one-of-a-kind built Administrator-in-Training Program built for assisted living facilities. We have the luxury of hiring the best and brightest in your area.

We will handle your Human Resources functions with corporate support including but not limited to staffing, benefits, worker’s compensation, and employee relations.


Assisted Living Facility Transportation Services

We understand how important it is to our residents to leave the facility for their desired outings whether it is for medical appointments, errands, pleasure or just to get outside of the building for fresh air out in the local community. We see these residents come back refreshed and recharged so having adequate transportation is necessary for many reasons.

Each of our communities has a dedicated bus or minivan available on designated days. We offer chaperoned and supervised off-site outings for our residents such as going shopping at one of their favorite stores, or dining at a local restaurant. There may even be a sightseeing tour planned… there’s always something new and our staff is quite busy staying creative on what we can offer our residents with supported and safe transportation.


Marketing Services for Assisted Living Facilities

Marketing is necessary to attract new residents to your facility and increase unit occupancy. We offer a consistent, reputable, and established brand for your business along with print and online advertising. If you wish to keep your current name, you can still leverage all of our tools.

ACHS Management Group uses the latest technology to generate new resident leads through digital channels. We use a customized CRM platform to communicate with potential residents, search engine optimization strategies and digital ads. We also offer professional marketing consulting services to assess your community and make sound recommendations. We have the ability to offer a full-suite of communications services.


ACHS Management Group considers wellness to be a major focus for high quality resident care. Research shows that seniors are living longer than ever before and wellness is a key component. Our wellness programming is at the forefront of our industry to support the mind, body, and spirit of our residents. It starts with healthy eating and that is why we have an in-house, dedicated Regional Chef Supervisor who provides a consistent, balanced menu approved by a licensed dietician for all of our residents across all locations.

Leading the way in innovation with technology tools, we offer opportunities for emotional wellness through our Angels Connect Center, a technology platform to support the communications between seniors and families. In addition, medication management is vital to a holistic wellness program as residents need to take their prescribed medicines on time without disruption. We address this by using an electronic wellness portal for online prescriptions and more.

Additionally, we provide a variety of ways to support wellness for our residents including but not limited to fitness programs, social events & activities, learning & therapeutic activities, worship services, and educational workshops. We believe in promoting a healthy lifestyle so that our residents can increase their lifespan and enjoy a quality of life as they age.


Assisted Living Facility Maintenance

Maintaining the physical building of a community can’t be overlooked and we ensure that each property is well maintained. Our team will handle your facility’s maintenance and repair requests. We will also maintain the equipment needed to support this important function.

Whether it’s toilet leaks, water leaks, A/C repair, lift station outages…we have you covered as your property manager. We have the crew to come in and repair anything associated with the building.

Similarly, we are committed to lawn maintenance including but not limited to mowing, irrigation, and landscaping. Keeping a beautiful, clean, and functional environment for our residents cannot be underestimated.

Events and Activities

Seniors exercising demonstrating Events and Activities for seniors at assisted living facilities

Each of our communities creates an active social calendar and executes this for you seamlessly as we know your residents not only desire it but needs this for their overall wellness. Our events and activities play a major role in maintaining quality of life for residents. Relationships and personal connections contribute to the best experience for seniors and encourage their overall happiness.

Each of our communities has an Activities Director to oversee a monthly calendar of events developed and customized for each community. On any given day, you can walk into one of our communities and find art classes, bingo, puzzle time, and other engaging activities for residents to enjoy. Our events are just as exciting as we’ll put together a resident happy hour and monthly themed event for each community.

Additionally, we provide opportunities for residents to practice their faith and support his by offering regular services. We also have a hair salon available at each community so that our residents can get regular haircuts.

There is always something going on and our residents can choose which ones fit their desires.

Administrator in Training

Administer-In-Training Program for Senior Living Facilities

ACHS Management Group has developed a unique and
best-in-class Administer-in-Training program, known as our AIT program, designed to produce future Community Directors and Administrators. We actively recruit top performing graduates from universities with advanced degrees in healthcare administration or similar programs.

Our AIT program is a paid, on-the-job, year-long training opportunity that results in top talent candidates for leadership positions in our managed communities. After successful completion of the program, they would be considered as a Community Director or Administrator for one of our facilities. They will be ready to take on such a leadership role with their one-of-a-kind training. They graduate from the program with next level skills in leadership, communication, executive writing, interpersonal, listening, customer service, plan execution, and more.

With excellent community leaders, we can be certain that the staff will be positioned to succeed and provide high quality care to residents and meet organizational goals in each of our managed communities.